In Loving Memory


04/12/03 - 10/04/16

My best girl, a beautiful heart and soul, the love of my life from the time she was 7 weeks old until she was almost 14 years. A dog who loved and knew me better than I knew myself and always there for me. She was 47 lbs of love with a personality larger than life. Together we embarked on our journey, living, traveling and working together. She loved accompanying me to my pet care assignments, and assisted in the raising of many clients puppies, kittens, rabbits and birds. One of her favorite pastimes was having lunch and a play date with her soul mate Scout. The two dogs would eat, run and play until they exhausted themselves. They looked forward to their visits and were soul mates from the day they met when Scout was 8 weeks and Sierra-Belle 5 years.

Sierra-Belle’s pride and joy was raising Stella, our tiny adopted Chihuahua. Stella was 6 months old when she came to us, very shy and afraid. Sierra-Belle took over and helped raise Stella as if she were her puppy. She assisted in every aspect of Stella’s care, nurturing, loving, housebreaking and making sure she was safe and loved. She was teaching Stella to find her voice. They were bonded and always together.

Sierra-Belle also cared for my little rescue dogs. She was polite, kind and patient with them. During meal times, she would wait for them to eat and finish their food first before touching her own. She loved them and shared her treats and toys with each one.

With her passing, a huge part of my heart and soul went with her. Our hearts still feel the pain of her loss. This girl was my gift, and how lucky I was to have been her person!

Those of us who loved Sierra-Belle, gathered together at the home of her Godmother who held a “Celebration of Life Service” with everyone she loved, together in the same room, exactly the way it had to be when she was with us. If we were visiting together and one person went in the house or outside, Sierra-Belle went looking for them. She loved us deeply.

At the celebration service each person spoke of this sweet, gentle soul who touched our hearts and was a huge part of our lives. Her ashes were scattered in all of her favorite places.

She is forever loved and missed. Thank you for everything my sweet girl. Stella found her voice.

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